What did you like or not like about APM?

The last session asked participants to gather in small groups to collate likes and ‘dislikes’ – improvements for next time.

Word cloud of all comments received:

ILRI APM 2013 evaluation total word cloud.jpg

Open format and open space, discussion, people, presentations, meeting(s) come up most often.

Word cloud of positive comments received:

ILRI APM 2013 evaluation positive word cloud.jpg

Open space session, discussions fostered and work by the graphic facilitators were most appreciated

Word cloud of improvement comments received:

ILRI APM 2013 improvements word cloud.jpg

Side meetings, time to meet new people, learning events and scientific presentations were mentioned as things that could be improved for the next APM.

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Transcript of comments received:

97 posters participation
All presentations very artistic and pleasant
Augments the general feeling of belonging to ILRI
Centrally around the "NEW STRATEGY'
Class a party
Coffee ceremony
Communication style, charges, graphics, documentation process
Content and discussion of open space
Dinners and dancing - Polly the Piglets
Enthusiastic organizers
Everybody's points taken into account
Excellent logistics support from the APM organizers
Excellent science for R4D
Focus around the strategy and the theme
focus group discussion ,
Format of the open space (like)
Free to express views
Getting insights about ILRI strategy
Getting to know colleagues (in person)
Good discussion
Good facilitation
Good facilitation
Graphic capture of discussion
Graphic not only attractive - informative
Graphic posters synthesis
Graphic presentation
Graphic recording and synthesis
Graphic very informative
Graphic visual presentation
Great hospitality from the hosts
Hard talk session with development representatives
I know 'many' in ILRI what they do?
Informal atmosphere
Integration - All staff levels
Interaction with the opportunity to get views ideas,
Interactive meeting
Interactive, participatory, creative, energizing
Interesting methods of getting us to talk and engage in the strategy
Internal set us of the APM - flexibility
Key issues came up
Logistics good
Loved the ecofriendly water supply
Marketing tasting session
Meeting and knowing people
Meeting in the New Ways of getting people to
Meeting with regions
More interactive than in the past
More oral presentation about ILRI research , e.g. 6x10 minutes per day
Nonhierarchical interactions
On campus shopping
Open circle discussions
Open discussion
open discussions and interacts,
Open small groups
Open space
Open space
Open space - concept /tools
Open space (about its bottom up approach)
Open space flexibility format
Open space interaction well facilitated
Opportunity for SIDE 'Face-to-face' meetings
Opportunity to team from each other, region
Organization of sessions (have time to discuss with colleagues)
People know problems, sciences - operational key challenges
People's participation in dinner and disco
Red and blue card system
Relaxed set up
Relaxing atmosphere
Samoan circle open space
Samoan on circle
Seems to be going consensus around strategy
Sharing skills
Social interaction of the dinner to promote togetherness
Social program
Telling success stories
The opportunity to meet people
The party!!
The right issues were discussed
Top management available and flexible
Topics of discussion - open session
Variety of processes
Variety of topics
Very relevant topics
Very well organized! (APM, hotel, cultural events)
Weather was great

More oral presentation about ILRI research , e.g. 6x10 minutes per day
“Partnership’ need more discussion
Allow a block of time for meetings eg. 2 hours per day
Amount allocated in session to be reduced to ensure participation
Arrange to have the new people visit Addis
Clear indices for side meetings
Communication of logistics
Expand the numbers of partners invited to the meeting: trace working with ILRI as well as observers
Expected more ideas/input from panels (hard talk and presentation ) not on topic: Long
Flexibility for transport facilities - hotel
Food/drink distance
Frequently every two years seems fine
Get some more plenary session to stimulate participants
Guidance on sessions day before, especially Thursday afternoon
Have media presence, improve visibility
How do we get there and do it? - Did not get there yet?
How to ‘compel ‘ensure very people are here
Innovative side programs should be encouraged
Integrating with region
Keep time eg. have gaps in the schedule for other meetings
Lack of an outdoor/out of campus activity
Learning events overlap within market place
learning events overlap with market place, have a dedicated time for each
Logistics and transportation
Low voter – turnout Friday morning
Make it a biannual event
Market and learning should be split not parallel
More diversity of discipline
More science discussion
Nice to know what others are doing in terms of sciences eg. slide presentations
No explanation of ILRI
No science
Not enough detail on program (print)
Not enough time for intros
Parallel meetings drew people away
Plan slots for side meeting and pressure people to attend
Poor ILRI hostel rooms conditions
Poster presentation
Posters – more lively
Posters with too much information
Presentation success stories
Presenter there for posters
Regional presentation in plenary
Run learning event in the tents
Science showcases were good but not enough (short ones )
Should have had some time to organize side meeting
Side meetings organized by senior management during the organized sessions
skill map resource for any facilitator required
Some of the key people to take agendas forward no always around
Some topics need more discussion
Specify more how to take all this further
Still difficult to know who is who
Success factors
Synthesis and conclusion after open space
The bash last night was WOW!
The format invited people to wander off
To have introductory session about CRP structure
Too many discussion points
Too many parallel meeting
Too much lobbying out
Too much time on feedback for showcases
Two scientific presentations – could be more
to many unannounced meetings
Very low turnout for learning events
Was three days enough?
We need more research agenda