Session 4

Thursday 16 May

Open Space

Start 0900
End 1300

Session organiser(s): Stuart

Virtual streaming of this session? NO

Session objectives

This activity has been designed to help us explore some of the key issues that ILRI will face as we move towards the implementation of our new strategy. The open space is very interactive and allows you to bring along and air the messages that you think are important. Think about the following issues:
  • How must we behave and arrange our work to effectively take research to development?
  • How can we assure that scientific excellence is preserved and enhanced?
  • How can we effectively learn as we go?
  • How can we prove our value-for-money to end-users and assure the ongoing confidence of our investors?
  • What are the implications for us in the way that we do our work?

This will likely take the form of parallel groups discussing issues that are important to them.

Facilitator: Stuart Worsley.

Process and facilitation

RSS reporting from day 1 at the start

Banner for overall theme:
Smaller banners for the 5 questions
3 sessions of an hour
Space for 17 groups
Coffee through out
Stands – one tent wall intact for posters from morning onwards.
Map the locations;
Site definition

9 – 10 – O/S intro and MP
10 – 11 – S1
11 – 12 - S2
12 – 13 - S3