Session 3

Wednesday 15 May

ShareFair and marketplace

Start 1430
End 1730

APM Poster Template

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Session organiser(s): Peter B (Iddo, Jo, Meron ...)

Session objectives

1. Expose ILRI staff to the rest of ILRI
2. Showcase great stuff
3. Allow people to learn

About the session

The afternoon of day 1 - Wednesday 15 May – is devoted to a ‘‘ILRI sharefair and marketplace’. We see this as a massively interactive space with a mix of stands, conversations, and happenings designed to expose all participants to the rest of ILRI. It is an opportunity for each part of ILRI to show what it is doing, to explain its work and value.

It covers the whole of ILRI, research, operations, support – everything that makes ILRI fit for purpose and able to deliver great science, influence and capacity development!

The format comprises:

1. A series of program-related posters. These will be displayed and discussed in a dedicated session. Jo Cadilhon already sent out a message on this: the idea is for you to share with the rest of ILRI some of the main work your team is involved in. We know you’re busy, so we’ve created a template to help you get this done quickly and efficiently. The poster template can be downloaded from the wiki. We need the final posters for printing to reach in Addis Ababa. We need them by 8 May latest to print. You can also obtain help in Nairobi from or any of the communication specialists (Jane, Tezira, Evelyn, Albert, Ethel) . Please remind/urge your research staff/teams to participate in this. There will be awards for different categories of posters.

2. A set of display stands or spaces where you can explain the work of a team/unit/program/project/region/CRP … whatever you want to share. We urge you to be creative – having posters, display materials, objects and of course someone to explain the specific service or activity. Any fun elements very welcome. Beyond organizational ‘units’ (including of course the regional offices) we are also interested to hear about any wider initiative that deserves attention, large project (LIVES, EADD, ELKS … ) or issue (gender, research compliance, genebank 30) that deserves special focus. We hope these exhibits would include:
  • 3 to 5 Highlights about achievements in the past 12 monthe
  • 3 to 5 things that the rest of ILRI staff to know;

3. Several ‘learning slots’ – usually 45 minutes in length – for someone to explain or teach something that staff should know. Something like a presentation or a small discussion group. Examples could be – an aspect of capacity development, an introduction to research compliance, a critical ICT tip or tool, the new OCS, key lessons from a big project, etc…

The KMIS and CapDev teams in Addis will make sure all your local logistical, communication and pedagogical needs are supported! Please contact for initial assistance.

To ensure support, please submit proposals by 23 April to:

Session timing

3 time segments


In each of the three time segments a series of parallel activities, activities can be repeated over different time slots:
• Posters/stands by ‘units’
• Thematic display spaces (eg, ILRI in Ethiopia)
• Fun spaces (eg, LIVES honey tasting; small shops; trad coffee space)
• Show and tell by big projects, other ILRI initiatives (2 per time segment, organised session to inform colleagues about)
• Learning slots (2 per time segment, organised session to ‘teach’ something useful – capdev, research compliance,…)

Running into reception/social

Process and facilitation

• Open to all campus staff
• In and around the main APM tent, small side tents (as FAO sharefair last year), in meeting rooms, under trees (?).
• Needs own dedicated agenda and ‘map’

4 prizes for posters: 1) best science, 2) best use of science for capacity development, 3) best use of science for influence 4) best all-round
Posters judged by a committee comprising :
1) Jo Cadilhon and Vish Nene for best science poster,
2) Iddo Dror and Muthoni Njiru for best use of science for capacity development,
3) Gine Zwart (Oxfam Novib) and Jo Cadilhon for best use of science for influence,
4) Muthoni Njiru, Vish Nene and Gine Zwart (Oxfam Novib) for best all-round.

***Participants all have an interactive engagement assignment – eg, to collect ‘best bet’ stamps from all sharefair activities; we return to these in the evening with prizes