Session 2

Wednesday 15 May

ILRI’s Research for Development

Start 1115
End 1300

Session organiser(s): Iddo (Jo for content)

Virtual streaming of this session? Yes

Session objectives

1. To celebrate ILRI past research that has had some real-life development outcomes to unlock livestock potential through science, influence and capacity development
2. To allow ILRI researchers to provide feedback on two examples of ILRI research that will be showcased as our success stories
3. To confront ILRI's idea of good research for development with the viewpoint of development practitioners from the field

Session timing

1115 Introduction to session by Boni: objectives, time line, introduction of two ILRI speakers and three external reactors on the panel
1130 1st ILRI presentation: How an untapped resource (forage germplasm) can bring impact to farmers and tick boxes
by A. Jorge, J. Hanson & J. Proud
1150 Reactions from three external development practitioners
1200 2nd ILRI presentation: Insuring African Livestock: Development of the World’s first Insurance for African Pastoralist Herders by Andrew Mude and the IBLI team
1220 Reactions from external development practitioners
1230 Feedback from ILRI colleagues
1250 Three key lessons learned from Suzanne Bertrand, John McIntire, and Boni

intro to the afternoon – peter/iddo (5 mins) / tiny energizer

Inputs needed

Need to invite the 3 external reactors: to be selected from contact networks of the organization committee according to the topic of the two presentations selected
Need to brief the DDGs: Jo will do using Peter B's short task description
Need to facilitate and MC the floor discussions: Boni to select interventions from the floor and keep time. Jo and another to circulate with moving microphones to capture intervention
Need to organize video if streaming is judged important

Things to do:
Iddo to take overall responsibility for this session
Logistics to organize powerpoint projection (laptop, projector)
Iddo to organize graphic facilitation for all the APM
Iddo and Ewen to convert ppt presentations to prezis
Barry to choose three organizations or individuals for reactors and organize letters of invitations through appropriate channels

Selection process of winning presentations

The following call for abstracts was sent to all ILRI staff and targeted to researchers and research fellows.

The extended period to gather abstracts for plenary presentations of ILRI’s research to unlock livestock development potential through science, influence and capacity development was closed 25 days after having called for abstracts. The scientific committee received eleven abstracts, eight of which qualified with the basic selection criteria of the call: 1) scientific method; 2) proven development outcomes or a protocol to attain those.

Given the small number of abstracts received, the APM organization committee decided that the scientific committee could be reduced to two ILRI scientists: Siboniso Moyo and Jo Cadilhon.

The scientific committee has reviewed all abstracts according to the following criteria:
1) Does the abstract report development outcomes or a protocol to reach these?
2) Does the activity described use robust scientific research?
3) How strong is the potential for cross-disciplinary interest on the topic presented?
4) Does the activity showcase current ILRI research for development?