Session 1

Wednesday 15 May

Opening, Icebreaker, Scene setting

Start 0830
End 1045

Session organiser(s): Iddo (Peter B, Stuart for questions and facilitation, Jo for logistics of guests)

Virtual streaming of this session? Yes

Session timing

Welcome, objectives, overall agenda and process, rules by Peter Thorne (10 minutes)
Few words of welcome from Ethiopia government representative (5 minutes)
Welcome and ILRI update by Jimmy Smith (20 minutes)
Energizer and intro to Day 1 – Iddo (10 minutes)

Chat show – The wider ‘development’ world around us - with 2 guests:
Mr Modibo Traore (Former ILRI board member and FAO representative to AU, UNECA and Ethiopia) and Ms Gine Zwart (Senior Policy Adviser, Oxfam Novib, Netherlands)
Stuart to host
Stuart calls Shirley Tarawali up on stage for her 3 brief take away messages

Icebreaker – interactive session introducing participants; the new strategy; new staff. Lots of movement, use of the space.
Ewen, Iddo, with helpers

Things to be done:
Iddo responsible for all actions below
Peter t to send official letter of invitation to Ethiopian board member
Peter T to send official letter of invitation to Modibo Traore
Peter T to brief Jimmy
Peter T to write the speech for chief guest

Logistics to organize a small stage
Stuart to decide what furniture he wants on the stage

Peter B to prepare a short paragraph explaining how speakers should provide their 3 main messages

Stuart to develop question protocol for the chat show