Notes on a Virtual Meeting of the APM Task Force, 22 February, 2013.

“Present”: Silvia Silvestri, Admassu Wondimu, Siboniso Moyo, Sandra Rwese, Meron Mulatu, Iddo Dror, Wubalem Dejene, Peter Thorne
  • We agreed the need for clarification on whether there would be adequate funds to support the attendance of professional NRS from outside Ethiopia. PT undertook to clarify with the IMC when briefing them on the afternoon of 22 February (and was subsequently assured that adequate funds would be made available [LINK to IMC meeting notes]).
  • We agreed that there would be a need to move rapidly to invite any external speakers (high profile development practitioners / agenda drivers – suggestions please) once the core theme is agreed. Shirley Tarawali previously informed us that there would be a budget of up to USD 30 000 to cover the costs of this and other “incidentals” (e.g. external facilitation if we decide to go that way).
  • ID suggested that we need very clear "outcome objectives" from the APM. Is it "only" a team building exercise? Do we have learning objectives? Are there specific, organisational development objectives (e.g. "live in a matrix", etc.)? This needs to be clear and linked to the programme and activities.
  • We agreed the need to get moving on agenda development. PT is putting a template together on the wiki so that this can get underway. We need to get some solid flesh on these bones by mid-March. If members of the task force need assistance with wiki editing, Tsehay can assist in Addis or Silvia in Nairobi.
  • Some specific points of note:
    • SM suggested that the task force members should all be housed on campus during the meeting.
    • SM also suggested that we need to bring in a session to familiarise ILRI staff with what is happening in the regions
    • We seemed to moving towards a consensus on some of the approaches (Open Spaces, market places etc.). Plenary sessions with formal presentations should be restricted to material that requires communicating from a small number of people to the masses; perhaps in the stock-taking that Jimmy has suggested as an opener [LINK to IMC meeting notes].

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