Notes on Feedback on the Current Status of Planning, 22 February, 2013.

Peter Thorne presented an update to the IMC via Skype.
  • IMC members supported our plans to invite NRS with a professional focus on implementation (researchers, communications specialists) from all locations. I was assured that adequate funds would be available to cover the attendance of all such NRS who do not have access to project funding.
  • There was broad support for the proposed core theme around the research outputs to development outcomes transition leading into an initial examination of how ILRI’s strategy might move towards implementation. We will need to make sure that this is packaged and presented in a way that stimulates participants’ imagination and enthusiasm though.
  • Jimmy encouraged us to build in an initial session (day or half day) on the current state of ILRI. This might cover finance / HR issues, an introduction to the strategy and the implications of the new institutional structure for implementation of the strategy. We would have the opportunity to address the regional context of ILRI’s research implementation and how ILRI’s past research sets us up to operate in the new CGIAR and as a re-structured ILRI. From these discussions, it looks like the overall form of the meeting might be something like:
  1. Taking stock of the status quo
  2. Introduction of the new strategy and its implications (building on the status quo)
  3. What challenges does the need for a strong development context pose to ILRI’s research over the next ten years? How do we address this?
  4. How do we stimulate and support scaling initiatives (given that ILRI’s research portfolio is quite diverse)
  5. How do we implement our strategy to achieve the above …
  • IMC members agreed to forward suggestions on possible external speakers to the Task Force.
  • IMC did not support bringing the meeting forward by a day in order to avoid running into the weekend.
  • Members asked how things were proceeding on the social side. My suggestion that we include a swimming gala seemed to lighten the mood although no one actually signed up for the 4 x 400 individual medley.

[Jo Cadilhon: I can do the 4 x 400 individual medley, but at a leisurely pace. I now know I can edit this wiki]

I can edit it too. Superb notes and thanks to all for all this work. Count me in for the next skype meeting. Engines running . . . Susan

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